Hi Dad,

Here are two options for you:

Option 1 - Simple hifi system with speakers

Richer Sounds suggested the Cambridge Audio One (click the blue text on this page - apart from the titles, they link to other websites) which comes with two speakers for £349 + speaker cable (say £40?). The man said the speakers retail for £200 independently but are thrown in for free, and that was what made this such a good buy. You can see the scale of the base unit from the CD slot on the front.

Good things: £349 plus VAT. Can easily add a turntable to the AUX audio connection if you choose to for c. £200 but you will need a preamp (not expensive) to go between the turntable and the stereo.

Bad things: same problem with where do you put the speakers, and how do you run the speaker cables to where? 

Total cost with turntable £550-600.

Option 2 - Sonos Play 5

Here's a review of the Sonos Play 5: http://athomeinthefuture.com/2014/12/review-sonos-play5-wireless-speaker/

There are other reviews online - including a 5-star one on What Hifi but they all talk about the technical things it can do (and which you won't need) more than the music, and use pop tunes as examples!


Good things: Sound Quality; Can play your music without getting up from an iPad or iPhone. Comes with a 100 day money back guarantee if you get it delivered from Sonos direct

Bad things: You have to use an iPhone or iPad - it only has volume buttons and no remote control; Will need separate turntable, and perhaps separate CD player too unless you rip all your CD's in to your iTunes Library.

Total cost: £349 plus turntable (£200?) plus optional CD player (I may have one, if not then budget £80.)